The Pedodontics is the part of dentistry that relates to children. A dentist who is dedicated to pedodontics is a pedodontist.

The treatments are practically identical to those performed in adults. It is preferable for the child to come at an early age for innocuous checks. This concerns the prevention, early detection and treatment of dental caries, milk teeth and permanent teeth

The first visits of your little piece of cabbage to the dentist are essential and decisive for the continuation. It is necessary to take the maximum precautions so that the first visits go well, some bad memories can remain engraved for all the life, disrupting all the later care . Even more so than with an adult, the pedodontist must look after his communication and his personalized relationship with the child he has in front of him, especially during a first intervention. The relationship of trust between the dentist and the child must be established from the outset.

Interposition of the tongue during swallowing, suction of the thumb, etc. Are gestures that can lead to deformity of the face. Our specialists will give you all the tricks and best practices to prevent this from happening. Our qualified dentists will also provide teeth cleaning sessions adapted to the needs of children and will teach your little ones with their words and by 4 years the most effective methods of brushing and oral hygiene, dental.

It is also important to know if your child needs Fluoride or whether to treat a tooth of milk or not, or how to manage the tooth pressure and irritation of the gum ... so many questions that our specialists will be A pleasure to answer, inform you, give you the best advice and accompany you as much as possible in your management of any problem arising during the childhood and adolescence of your little piece of cabbage.