Occlusodontics refers to a medical branch of dentistry that consists of studying the components of the mouth and associated mechanisms such as chewing and swallowing. It also involves studying the position of the teeth and the jaw when the mouth closes.

Occlusodontics can detect dysfunctions and explain certain phenomena (migraine, bruxism).

Occlusodontics is a set of therapeutic acts aimed at restoring the functions of the manducatory device, consisting of jaws and teeth. The contact between the teeth is called occlusion. Poor occlusion can lead to joint, muscular or even nervous problems. Hence the importance of consulting when in doubt.

It concerns the maintenance and dental harmony linked to the proper functioning of:

  • The dental articulation which is the interlocking of the teeth of the upper arch and teeth of the lower arch when the jaws are in the closed position.
  • The musculature that holds the skull in balance on the spine.