Implantologie Maroc


More modern than bridge or denture, implantology is an ideal intermediate solution. Replacing the teeth is not just an aesthetic act. It helps restore well-being to people suffering from the loss of one or more teeth. This technique relies on the placement of an artificial root in the bone and on which the prosthesis is fixed.

After clinical examination, this procedure generally takes place in three stages. Besides, the aesthetic appearance of a missing tooth, the implants can be used in orthodontics as an anchor point. The main condition is to have a bone in good condition.

Implantologie Casablanca

Advantages of the dental implant :

Comfort : the patient can eat quite normally. The wearing of fixed teeth is much more comfortable than wearing removable dental appliances.

Aesthetics : prosthesis on implants has the same appearance as natural teeth.

Ecological : The use of implants avoids touching adjacent healthy teeth, unlike the laying of a bridge. The installation of hooks is then avoided unlike a removable prosthesis.

Safety : The success rate of the intervention is over 97%. Rejection is extremely rare and if it occurs, the subsequent implantation of another implant can solve the problem. Plus our implants are guaranteed 5 years!

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