Dental aesthetics

Teeth Whitening:

Whether your teeth are obscured for genetic reasons, because of medications, or because of certain lifestyle habits, or because they are devitalized teeth, teeth whitening makes your shine radiate to your smile.

In most cases, the natural color of your teeth is in the yellow-gray hues. The teeth naturally stain with age, and the appearance may be affected by the accumulation of coloring, by the consumption of tobacco and certain foods.

Aware that every smile is different, the Tajmouati practice accompanies you for a personalized result in harmony with your face and in the optimal conditions of safety for your dental health.



Oral dental prophylaxis refers to the removal of dental plaque, tartar and discoloration on exposed or unprocessed dental surfaces by means of scaling, cleaning and polishing techniques.
These treatments are considered as preventive measures aimed at combating certain factors of local irritation and preventing the emergence of dental pathologies such as gingivitis and periodontitis and promoting the healing process.
Following the example of tartar, the bacterial plaque is present on and below the gum. However, the most aggressive plaque is the one below the gum. Oral prophylaxis therefore seeks to eliminate plaque, tartar, and coloring located with the supra-gingival and sub-gingival regions.

A prophylactic treatment varies according to each patient, one can perform:

  • The sealing of the teeth and cracks or the saddle which consists of closing certain fragile areas so that the bacteria do not enter it anymore
  • Cleaning, scaling and polishing of the teeth allow the removal of plaque and tartar with a prophylactic paste, followed by polishing of the teeth surfaces every quarter or annually.
  • The application of fluorinated varnishes twice a year or fluoridation that serves as shield to the teeth to make them less sensitive and protect them from demineralization.
  • The application of antimicrobial varnish, an active antiseptic agent for 3 months and fighting against bacteria.